Need for Speed Underground 2

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Need for Speed Underground 2 is the eighth edition of the popular car racing sim and was released on the Microsoft Windows platform in 2004.

If you have played any of the other Need for Speed games then you'll know what to expect – high octane action in a variety of ultra-fast cars.


The game is set in a single city with five unique neighbourhoods to explore. This was pretty good for its time, but as the game is now more than a decade old, you'll probably want to get your racing rush in a wider range of metropolises.

Gamers start off with a Nissan Skyline GT-R, but this vehicle quickly becomes damaged by a mysterious person in a Hummer H2. In replacement, the player is given a Nissan 350Z and has to complete a number of races before moving to the next level.

By winning races, the gamer becomes closer to finding and reeking revenge on the person who wrecked his beloved Skyline. This involves having to conquer a group known as the Wraiths in an underground racing league before engaging in one final, five-lap, circuit race with the vandal.


Essentially there are eight racing modes in Need for Speed Underground 2. The circuit, sprint, drag and drift races remain from past versions of the franchise, but they are complemented with a Lap Knockout mode, an underground racing league (URL), Street X (four cars racing in a very small area with very sharp turns), and OutRun, which allows you to challenge any vehicle on the road to race over 300 miles.

One of the major differences in this game to others in the series is that there is no option to choose races from the menu. Instead, players are required to drive their car to specific parts of the city in order to start a race. This can make things a little time-consuming, but most races are clearly marked on the game's radar so they are very easy to find. There are some hidden ones to locate as well.

Circuit races are usually the best place to start as they involve as many as four cars going around a single looped track for a maximum of four laps. Sprints are also relatively straight forwards as they involve a race that runs in a straight line.

Drifting's difficulty is really dependent on the settings you use, while Street X uses a similar system to circuits but with tighter turns and you are not allowed to use your nitrous oxide There's also drag racing, which has many similarities to sprints, but players are not permitted to use automatic transmission.


What can be written about the graphics of a game that is more than ten years old? That's probably a little unfair as the graphics are good when you consider them in the context of their time. However, things have moved on greatly in the last decade and if you are used to playing the more up-to-date versions of Need for Speed, then this could well feel like a step back into a bygone age.

In some cases the graphics are little pixelated and blurred, but if you are fan of the series or are simply wanting to play it to relive your youth, then you should be able to easily look past that.

Other features

Being able to customise your ride is a great feature. Pretty much any part of a car can be tweaked to the player's satisfaction, including headlights, side mirrors, bumpers and even the vehicle's stereo system.

Under the hood, engine tweaks are possible with the game utilising a star rating to show you just how much new power your car has.

While you start off driving super-charged Nissans, there are many other cars to use. These include small hatches such as Peugeot 106 and 206s from the beginning of the game. Faster and more prestigious cars like the Subaru Impreza WRX STi and Audi TT Quattro are acquired by winning races, while you can only get behind the wheel of a 150mph Pontiac GTO or a 280 horse powered Infiniti G35 by gaining sponsorship deals.

The fastest car on the game is the Ford Mustang GT, which can be gained by completing URL race four at stage 14.


  • Plenty of vehicles to choose
  • Modifications
  • High octane action
  • Rewards for completing challenges


  • Outdated graphics
  • Limited neighbourhoods to explore
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